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    Thai Kandenko is committed to providing the high quality professional construction, long-term oriented facilities and services in the field of electrical facilities.    



Our corporate has not only extensive technological capabilities, but also comprehensive knowledge and know-how. With enhancing the existing expertise to a level of “comprehensive intelligence backed by technological capabilities” and using this flexible intelligence to create a better living space for tomorrow that contributes to customer is our corporate philosophy.

To express this corporate philosophy, we have created a new word combining Intelligence and Engineering: Intelligineering.
With capable of working in the various fields of engineering: Versatile


When reconsidering the customer demands as a whole from diversified viewpoints, Thai Kandenko believes that what is needed the most is “comprehensive intelligence surpassing mere intellect and knowledge” and “intelligence including not only the hardware aspect but also consideration of the environment and human mind.” And using such intelligence for the benefit of customer requires supporting technological capabilities.

We believe nurturing Versatile Intelligineering on a company–wide basis and making the best of it in all activities are the most suitable ways we can contribute to you.


As a leading general facilities firm from Japan, Thai Kandenko ensure to contributing for builds a better-to-live in environment under the fields of electric power and related communication facilities by using its reliable technological capabilities and proven know-how. Putting various environmentally friendly and safety oriented installation methods to full use.

Making the best of our technology and know-how nurtured through these activities and from the versatile intelligence, we aggressively address operations in the fields needed by the future age. Structuring both hardware and software facilities for a better-to-live in environment space with Versatile Intelligineering is Thai Kandenko’s mission.


Thai Kandenko is committed to providing the high quality professional construction, long-term oriented facilities and services in the field of electrical facilities. This commitment can only be nurtured the effort of its people. And our employees are proud of the company commitment to these following targets;

  • Quality – A quality is a commitment to the best in all of us. Self-respect and the respect of others are the rewards that result from a quality job.
  • Client satisfaction – Striving for perfection in anticipation of exceeding our client’s highest expectations. Building good client relationship through leadership, creative solution and hard work.
  • Safety – We shall involved to education, implementation, monitoring and review all safety programs to insure the safest working environment for all our employees.
  • Constructability – Constructability shall be developed for continuous efficiency. We must supreme use our knowledge and the experience in construction related the scheduling, design, procurement, and the site operation to achieve all the purposes of the project meets the overall requirements of that facility.
  • Value engineering – Proven value engineering is submitted to client for reduce the project cost or offer a time saving in construction without altering the essential functions and characteristics of the project.
  • Synergy and Cooperative effort – The team has a value greater than the sum of its individual parts. Thai Kandenko nurtures synergizing and cooperative effort between all employees.
Hence, the entire employees shall collaborate to follow the determined policies earnestly for the company’s goals achievement.


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